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About Us

It all started with a simple vision - enriching the health of our global consumers by offering a wide variety of sustainable beverage and culinary food choices for present and for future generations.

Headquartered in Yokohama, Japan, Sakurafresh Beverage and Food Private Limited is a global manufacturer of beverage and culinary food products for conscious consumers.

With our origins in a decade of environmentally sustainable and healthy farming practices, at Sakurafresh we leverage our strong foundation to incorporate innovation, range, and diversity in our beverage and culinary offerings.

A world of possibilities opens up with our beverage solutions including cocktail ingredients, Tisanes teas and Ready to Drink beverages. Using premium quality, natural ingredients, we proudly produce the handcrafted Zero Alcohol Bitters, Tarts and Syrups. Further challenging industry norms, the product ranges are produced in smaller batches and create our signature blend of Fresh – Clean – Clear – Crisp.

In our culinary products division, our offerings grant you access to the world’s finest cuisines at your fingertips. Sakurafresh manufactures international spice blends comprising of Marinades, Rubs & Seasonings, Infused Salts, Gourmet Pickles and Mono-floral Honeys. Our premium spice blends are Clean Label and manufactured from all-natural herbs and spice ingredients with no artificial flavours and colouring.

We remain committed to the pillar values of Trust, Integrity and Quality as we launched Sakurafresh. Allowing our consumers to be rest assured of our dedication to sharing the highest quality of beverage and culinary products with the world, one bite and drink at a time.

Brand Identity

Sustainable Roots

Sakurafresh began as the brainchild of First Agro’s founders - Naveen MV and Nameet M - and was conceptualized a few years after First Agro had established itself as India’s first Zero Pesticide® and sustainable farming model company, that complied with the Codex standards for food safety. First Agro mastered quality control of premium and Non-GMO seeds and resultant produce in their own farms, with a system of complete irrigation and matured Integrated Pest & Disease Management.

The fresh produce fulfils its commitment towards healthy, sustainable and environmentally conscious farming practices. Sakurafresh’s foundations therefore arises from First Agro’s ethos and its deep fidelity to sustainable earth-friendly practices.

Our Values

Fresh thinking brought about the very creation of our company. At Sakurafresh, we remain strong believers of constant innovation and harness the power of new technologies – this enables us to develop unique beverage and culinary experiences that cater to the evolving needs of diverse and emerging markets. We adopted a strong commitment towards innovation and inclusivity, striving to create the widest variety in all our product ranges.

We aim to delight not only our consumers, but the artists of the Food and Beverage industries including mixologists, bartenders, culinary geniuses, and gastronomic connoisseurs. Finally, we firmly uphold the pillars values of integrity and respect in all our business productions, to remain truly committed to the expectations of our consumers.

Our Promise to You

At Sakurafresh, sustainable food sourcing allows us to deliver products of the upmost quality for our discerning customers. We recognize that Food and Beverages have the power to bring our global consumers together to form meaningful, long lasting connections. We strive to deliver experiences that cater to the taste and health of all those who cherish their time with others.




We are looking for Distributors across six continents for our Beverage and Culinary products.

For Beverage products, existing experience and network in distribution of alcoholic beverages is important for mutual success and growth.

For Culinary products, strong food or FMCG distribution network is required for our aggressive growth with knowledge of culinary and gourmet trends.

If you are interested to become a distributor, please send us an email at: info@sakurafresh.com

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If you like to connect with us, please contact us at info@sakurafresh.com

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